Our solution

Our solution
How does it work?
Monetor is a B2B cloud platform designed to implement your currency plan.
We do not have a crystal ball unfortunately, so instead, Monetor receives data from ERP/accounting systems or simply by uploading your excel forecasts into the system.
Monetor’s sophisticated algorithms and rule-based decision making automatically identifies, tracks and notifies, based on your needs. These factors, combined, allow for increased certainty and an optimized execution.
Integration and data
To collate data about your exposure, integrate Monetor with your accounting or ERP software, upload excel spreadsheets. Ask us about our custom integrations.
Monetor your plans

Live reporting at your fingertips.

Track your exposure in blocks by adding future payments in baskets or as individual invoices. Monetor will automatically assign intervention levels, at the correct time, freeing up your resources.

Have a tender, project, campaign or order you need to track? No problem. With Monetor you can implement project-based flows that will protect your budget rate and help you stay profitable in your endeavours.

Got international subsidiaries that handle currency? No worries, Simply create a subsidiary and give access to your team for efficient handling of their currency plan.

Identify upcoming exposures that could impact your business, with our forecasting map.

Stack your upcoming exposures ahead of time and let Monetor track the markets. By planning this way, companies can keep reliable pricing towards customers.

By tracking your forward exposure, you can delay forward purchasing. Optimizing forward points and freeing up capital in the interim.

Traditionally, currency issues have been the domain of the CFO. Not anymore! Now you can empower the whole team to take responsibility and help alleviate the burden.

Your team members can see when
action has been taken and by whom. Let the management team set the policy and the company enforce it – with full control.